Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little Owl

So, this weekend my very best friend will be moving across the country - away from me. We had a lovely goodbye dinner tonight and spent time just being in each other's company. She's pretty much the best. She knows my heart and I'm so thankful for her. Here's to a new chapter in our friendship!

With that being said, this Little Owl was a gift to her. We did a trade awhile ago and this is her end of the trade but more importantly a little going away present. I love it, I love the character in this bird's face. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


So lately I've done a few commissioned pet portraits for the buyer to surprise their friend/significant other/etc. with. It's been really fun but I have to wait to post about them just in case it ruins the surprise.

That was the case with Spanky, the pug. I had previously painted a cat named Ursula for a co-worker's husband as a surprise for him. He in turn wanted to surprise her with a painting of Spanky, her pug. It was fun and a challenge as he requested it a little larger than normal and on canvas. So here's Spanky! And you can see Ursula below Spanky.

I'm finishing up some paintings that are gifts so hopefully a few more posts will be coming next week! Happy Saturday and thanks for looking!