Monday, December 31, 2012


I feel like this card deserved a post of its own. Rilo is the cat of our dear besties. Though he doesn't love us as much as we love him, it was fun to paint him on a card for them. When this picture showed up on Facebook I knew it was the one I had to paint. This is on the continued experiments with watercolor and pen.
The lovely and handsome, Rilo.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Watercolor Cards Part Two

A few more watercolor cards I've created with watercolor and pen. Luckily Ben got me some new pens in my stocking so I'm excited to experiment with some of those. 

A card for Patti after adopting two pugs.

A card for Jenni, my Secret Santa at work.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


My mom has a blank wall in her office that required either something large or three medium size pieces. For Christmas, since she is the Orchid Whisperer, I decided to paint from botanical illustrations I've been researching. I love the simplicity of botanical illustrations, especially the vintage ones that have little to no background. Here are the three pieces I did for her.

A Rooster for Nancy.

For Christmas this year, I took it upon myself to do some artwork. Sometimes this is stressful in the beginning but this year I ended up with some pieces I was really proud to give as gifts.

This was mentioned by my dad that my stepmom wanted for her kitchen. Turns out, it's good luck to have a rooster in your kitchen. It was really fun to do and I love the colors.

A rooster for Nancy.

Watercolor Cards Part One

Well now that I've given most of the artwork I've done for gifts away, I figured I can start posting some of it here. I'll start with the watercolor cards I've made for friends for various occasions. Before leaving Denver, I got a great gift card to the best art supply store in the world. I stocked up on these watercolor blank cards that enabled me to experiment a little. Well I've LOVED it. I've sworn off oils for awhile to get to play with watercolors a bit more. Here are some of the cards.

Birthday card for Janine.

Christmas card for Corwin.

Christmas card for Marc.
More cards and paintings to come....