Tuesday, August 25, 2009

downtown lampost.

The hubs and I went downtown probably about a month ago and while waiting for his sister and her now husband we were sitting on a bench across from this lampost. The base of it really intrigued me with some of its fancy detail so I started sketching it in the moleskine. I feel like it scanned a lot darker and less delicate than it actually is but I still enjoy it nonetheless. Until next time, have a good one.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

from the moleskine.

Tonight I had the husband scan a bunch of sketches in for me so the next couple of days will probably just be some random sketches all out of my moleskine that I LOVE. (Moleskine is a brand of notebooks, sketchbooks, etc.) Anyway, I sometimes at work have to cover the front desk and since my job doesn't allow for much to be done while up there I have sketched some birds (surprise, surprise, huh?). So I googled birds and found some generic types of birds to work on different types of beaks and different birds, really just sketch a little. It's funny these were all done at different times so I didn't realize until just now there's a common thread between them all, they all face the same way. Thing to work on for next sketch session: looking different directions, different perspective on the faces.

This bird is the white eared sibia.

This is a coppersmith barbet. Had a little trouble with the positioning of the feet. (That's why they aren't exactly finished.)

This is some sort of chickadee. I don't exactly remember what type I forgot to write it down
And a new favorite of mine, the brown pelican.
Hopefully I will be updating sooner since I have more sketches waiting to be seen. Until then, have a good one!

Friday, August 14, 2009

as promised.

As promised I have returned and continue to be more frequent in updating. So I finished my second wedding card and I'm really starting to think that it's a favorite type of art job to do. This card has a neat story behind it too. My friend Sara at work is going back to Iowa for a wedding this weekend of her two friends, Evan and Julie. For whatever reasons Evan lived in the Antartic for awhile and Julie in Brazil. So she noted on the fact that it would be fun to have two birds from those places. And this is what was created. Probably one of my favorite pieces lately so I'm excited to share it. Also, if there's anyone out there with more ideas or needs a card, I would be more than happy for suggestions or to make you one! Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm back.

Well so I decided to not completley abandon this blog...life has just been busy. Being married is so much fun and I'm slowly figuring out how to fit my studio space into our apartment. :) It's coming along. I haven't been up to too too much however I have started sketching a whole lot more and am actually in the midst of about three projects. One project is a huge oil painting for one of my mom's friends that she actually asked about a while ago but with graduating and getting married haven't had much time until now. I'm actually really happy with the way it's turning out. I am currently in the thumbnail stage of a movie poster for a friend's independent film that will soon be heading to film festivals. That's pretty exciting and different. And lastly I've been working on a few wedding cards for friends who are attending weddings. The one below started out as a simple pen sketch and surprisingly turned into much more. It inspired another one I just finished today that hopefully will be posted soon. Also soon I hope to be posting more of my sketchbook from the past month or two, keep this a little more up to date. Until those postings here are these lovebirds to keep you busy. :)