Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Frankie, a winning wiener.

As mentioned before in this blog, the 8th Annual Wiener Nationals happened at Highway two weekends ago. It was a hilariously fun day full of cute dogs and many kinds of mustard. Two lucky wiener dogs won portraits of themselves as prizes. 

Which brings me to my introduction of Frankie. Frankie is one of the cutest wiener dogs I've ever seen and when the three pictures of him were sent to me as options to paint, I was happy that Chris and Jen's favorite was also mine. 

So here is Frankie in all his cuteness. 
(this has got to be one my favorite paintings so far!)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

HBD Audra!

Audra is one of the first friends I had in college.We met at orientation and then had the majority of our classes together. She's fantastic and fun and I'm thankful for having her be a hilarious sidekick in college.  She's a fellow kitty lover and a squirrel whisperer (I promise, they speak the same language). So for her birthday, I thought it only appropriate that a squirrel be on her card.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ornery Harley.

So after Iroh we adopted Harley. She was the cutest on the website when we looked at the Dumb Friends League and when we met her she wasn't the friendliest but something about her drew us to her. She has taken longer to warm up but she is slowly getting there - and it makes her affection that more meaningful.

Here she is.

I got some wood at Hobby Lobby that has a lot more texture and experimented with it for this piece. I like it, pretty cool. Probably not perfect for ALL projects but I think it has potential.