Sunday, March 22, 2009

A quick update.

Well not much has been happening lately. Only three weeks until we hang our grad show here at school and two months from today until I get married and will officially be Laura Gross. It's a crazy busy time of the year but I'm really enjoying it. Especially with all my creativity flowing. This week in our grad portfolio class we are having a professional photographer come in and shoot our work for prints, websites, etc., so hopefully soon I will have some work (more recent work) to put on the blog and to put on the website that will soon be launched. By the way, I bought a domain name this past Friday and I'm so excited to put it to use! For future reference it will be, however don't try it yet. You'll just get a blank page. Anyway, I thought it would be good to have a quick update despite the slow pace this blog seems to have. I'm also getting sick so I'm not quite as chatty as I am most of the day. Anyway, that's all and I hope to have more come the middle to end of this week!


  1. it was funny to read about your married life in your profile. also i'm excited for your yellow shoes.

  2. Yeah. I just used the same profile from the bio on my website. It was easier that way : ). I think you're one of the few who would be as excited for my yellow shoes as I am. You're such a wonderfully great friend.