Sunday, May 10, 2009

slightly overwhelmed...

...but not completely. I am so excited for the next two weeks and in that time and the past week and a half I have had zero time for art. However a lot has been going on. I got a full time job at the school, working in the admissions department closely with where I was a work study. So basically it's a perfect transition and I get to stick around school with loved friends a bit longer. My first week was last week and the weekend before that Benjamin and I drove back to Oklahoma for the weekend to have some wedding showers and spend some time together. It was good to drive with him. Driving for long periods of time allow us to talk together and be silent together and really just enjoy each other. Now that we're back in the swing of things, we get to move into our new home on Friday!! Hopefully we will get it all moved and settled by next Wednesday because the fam comes and then the rehearsal and then the WEDDING! I am so excited to be Mrs. Gross and even more excited to spend time with Benjamin as my husband for the week after the wedding that I took off from work-up in Estes, down here in Denver. Who really knows what our definite plan is. I'm just excited. Anyway, that's a brief update, hopefully soon I will be able to post some sketches I've been doing and will maybe sometime soon turn them into watercolors. Have a good week!!!

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