Sunday, August 23, 2009

from the moleskine.

Tonight I had the husband scan a bunch of sketches in for me so the next couple of days will probably just be some random sketches all out of my moleskine that I LOVE. (Moleskine is a brand of notebooks, sketchbooks, etc.) Anyway, I sometimes at work have to cover the front desk and since my job doesn't allow for much to be done while up there I have sketched some birds (surprise, surprise, huh?). So I googled birds and found some generic types of birds to work on different types of beaks and different birds, really just sketch a little. It's funny these were all done at different times so I didn't realize until just now there's a common thread between them all, they all face the same way. Thing to work on for next sketch session: looking different directions, different perspective on the faces.

This bird is the white eared sibia.

This is a coppersmith barbet. Had a little trouble with the positioning of the feet. (That's why they aren't exactly finished.)

This is some sort of chickadee. I don't exactly remember what type I forgot to write it down
And a new favorite of mine, the brown pelican.
Hopefully I will be updating sooner since I have more sketches waiting to be seen. Until then, have a good one!

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  1. i like the pelican best because it's odd body shape makes it the most interesting.